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We have all debated this in the past, and I have always disagreed with this policy simply because I don't think it's going to be all that effective, and it's probably just going to cost even more money in the long run. I do agree with the logic behind it, but I just don't think it's going to have much impact.

Most users know how to pass basic urine tests, so that's a waste of time. Blood tests are more comprehensive and harder to pass, but they also take more time and cost more money. Then there is always the issue of separating those who are taking certain drugs for legit medical conditions and those who are abusing prescription drugs. A lot of these trailer park pill junkies are in the welfare system but they aren't all buying their drugs on street corners. They con doctors with fake medical records, x-rays, and mri's to get their hands on their fix so it appears to be legal.

Also, what about all the dependents in those households who are on drugs? Are we testing them too? Just because mom isn't shooting crank this week don't mean her two teenage kids that live at home aren't.

Or, what about alcohol? Are they going to test for that too? Seems kinda harsh to suggest that a person shouldn't be allowed to drink at all simply because they are on welfare. Now, if they are an alcoholic, or have DUI convictions or things of that nature, that is a different story. Still, you are gonna have to pay somebody to go over all that crap in each individual case. In the end, it's just adding MORE government spending.

As I said, I can agree with the logic behind it, and I am opposed to welfare on many levels, but I just don't see this as being any sort of a game changer. They will bust a few people and the majority will pass their tests while the problem still remains.

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