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Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
I'll try to interpret that later, but it still uses fear to subjugate them imo. I'll have to read the whole bit to get the proper context first.
Really? If fear of God is the beginning of WISDOM then I guess fear of NOT doing the will of God is the hallmark of foolishness. Do you agree?

Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
My point was that women are treated as less than equals to men in the bible according to many passages that I have read.
Men and women have different designs, yes? In ANCIENT times women were treated differently, but not to harm them, but to protect them. This did not make them unequal. Think about when women couldn't vote. What was the reason? To make them less equal to a man? No, it was to keep men from making women vote for the candidates they wanted. It was to prevent abuse.[/QUOTE]

Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
Taking someone against their will is not right, no matter what day and age you are in imo.
How do you know [in this case] it was against their will? Seems to me these women were given the better end of the deal being taken by God's Own House of Israel, versus staying enemies of God they became part of the Tribe God Chose.

Please consider England in your prayers!
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