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To state facts (pardon the pun) She is still with a Husband who quite dramatically cheated on her, and someone who is phobic, doesnt show the sympathy required to aid someone looking to create a celebratory outlet.

Thats the facts. How far that directly reflects back on Hillary...well...She is a Lady, and where I come from, you arent supposed to be mean to not for us to speculate, or tease, or debate...but I couldnt help myself in a Lil Jest.

Chivilry isnt dead with may call it sexism if you wish...but its not acceptable to treat women, sometimes how you would treat a man. Its not Gentlemanly Conduct to be unwarrentfully rude to a Woman. Yet its perfectly alright to have the briefest of words with an unruly Man. You should always rise when a Woman enters the room, or approaches you...but its not the case for a man unless he is extremely important, or very dear to you. You pull out the chair for the open the car door, and shut it behind her on her entry and exit...none of that need be done for a man, unless he is of great importance.

You should never show physical force against a woman (unless to save her from distress) ...and woe betide you if you make her cry. I had cause just last week to intervene when I saw a Man of reasonable influence, raising his voice at a woman, such as to make her cry in response. Regardless of whether he had a valid point, it is most dissagreeable to act in such a manner.

One of the worst single moments of my life was when I was out having coffee with my Mother. We were talking about family stuff, and dissagreeing...and off I went ranting...and it was a moment before I even bothered looking at her to see she was crying, and she just said "I want to go home now" Just retelling that story makes me swallow hard because I should have been more careful

So. The fact of the matter is...its okay to speculate in public whether Georges Saint Pierre by his demenour...and dare I say it, love of lying on other men and doing nothing for twenty five mins, bears a connection to his persuasion. [I]It is NOT okay to ask the same question, for different, but similarly obvious reasons, whether the same is true for any Woman.

You just have to guess and keep your opinions to yourself
That is okay Dave she prefer to wear the proverbial pants. If she wants to act like a man she is no lady
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