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Sorry that it's taken me so long to respond. Saturday was all about the fights & then yesterday I was at church then napping (I'm turning into flo! ) & doing some laundry, so I didn't get to this until late & my internet cut off before I could finish writing out my thoughts (Man, I can't wait 'til I move into my new house in August & get outta my parents place! )

Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
I used to breed and raise rat snakes. They are generally timid creatures who strike only when provoked. I think it is sick to gleefully relish in the torment and death of a creature for entertainment value, which this falls under.
Ah, that sheds a lot of light on the subject now. It makes a lot more sense why you had such an immediate reaction.

Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
Are you saying that the value of a life and whether it should be tormented and intentionally killed resolves on if it is a wild or tame creature? Dog fighting dogs are wild creatures. Bulls that get tortured for entertainment value in bullfights are wild creatures, even though they have been domesticated imo. Is this good stewardship? Is trophy hunting for nothing other than sport good stewardship?
Well, dogs & bulls raised to fight certainly aren't pets, but I also don't think we can call them wild, either. When I say "wild", I mean "saw them on National Geographic". If we a have no influence over them, then they're wild.

Dog fighting & bull fighting are, like you say, domesticated. We are responsible for them & if we force them into fighting, then yes, we are being bad stewards of the responsibility God gave us.

OK, hunting is another one I haven't dissected my thoughts on much (grew up in suburbia, so it hasn't affected me). If the hunting is purely for sport (i.e. you shoot it, chop off the antlers & leave it to rot), then that sounds like poor stewardship to me. However, if I'm only interested in the sport aspect but I then donate the meat to friends, family, food back, etc., then I see no problem there.

Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
I don't think my question was disingenuous, but I'm game to have an amicable disagreement.
Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
I'm truly interested in your answers, and not to get you in a "gotcha" moment.
Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
I personally think that the torment, torture and killing of an animal for entertainment purposes is appalling and repulsive. Though I refuse to watch, I root for the bulls.
I agree that, again, if it was purely for entertainment, it's repulsive. That's not the case with this video. The dog was acting as its instincts taught it (there's a possible threat to the pack, it's my duty to protect the pack, I must eliminate the threat). The kid video taped it & put it on the internet because he was proud of his dog. I watched it & was touched to see a dog protecting its young owner (even if he may not of needed protecting, the dog did not know better). I can't speak to why others enjoyed the video, but that was my personal reaction. It was similar to the story of the dog that fought to protect its young master from an attacking cougar (though obviously on a much smaller scale! )
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