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Originally Posted by REMY View Post
So Police Officers should be video taped huh? Soooo how would you like it if you were video taped at your job? cause anyone here who says they do nothing but work while at their job, and never make a mistake, or screw up is full of B.S. Now, imagine you were in a job dealing with the public, and 10% of them just want you to screw up to video tape you and make you look stupid, and possible go after a law so good huh?

I AM recorded at work...and YOU will be recorded outside of work. Have you never heard of Closed Circuit Television.

BUT...I also know WHERE the Cameras are...and where they are not

oh...and I'm in a job, not only dealing with the public...but dealing with public that know if they can record you making a mistake they get compensation of the financial type. Thats more motivation then just wanting to make someone look stupid.

If you have nothing to hide, you should always applaud transparancy.
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