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Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
No it doesn't. It's an unlawful search. No probable cause. What other rights are you willing to give up?
If you want assistance from the state in living... you shouldn't be breaking the state's laws.

Do you know how much a drug screen costs? I do. It's $228.00. I have a receipt in front of me showing it. Do you think poor folks can afford that?
I do know that there are people that mooch off the state.... I do know that when I was in the hospital...I heard one guy telling another guy to "forget that job.. get you some food stamps.. and sell those".... and the article shows that they will recoup the cost of the test..

I find it to be a total conflict of interest on the Gov's part too. How nice that he and wife share stock in a company that provides drug screens. Putting it under his wife's name doesn't take away the conflict. Sure they say they won't apply for the contract now, but they will eventually imo.
I don't care about who makes money on the tests... I do care that money that I would rather see go to more cops.. better teachers... and such... do NOT go to provide for an addition

I thought folks wanted a less intrusive government, maybe that's only the one's who care about the CONUS though.
the contiguous United States??? maybe your fairly well off.. or still living at home... but I don't want my tax dollars being snorted up a nose and such...

EDIT: How about we deny any welfare or any benefits to fat people, because we know that they chose the gluttonous lifestyle with their unhealthy eating habits? Do you really want to live in a nanny state? Attacking and charging the poor when they don't have the funds to feed themselves is repulsive and unAmerican.

Would you rather provide for those that don't want to provide fro themselves because their are people out there that will provide for them.. and then allow them to pervert the system that takes from you.. and gives to them...?

I would rather see the new(ish) debit cards that took the place of food stamps... can only be used at local government "grocery stores". And in those stores.. no.. there are no Doritos .. and such.. it would suck for the kids... not to get a treat.. but I am working my arse off.. to provide for my family.. I shouldn't have to subsidize people I don't even know while they are puffing on the pipe.... I haven't had a great steak in a while... but my taxes go to provide for the family with the Escalade in their front yard.. while their house is falling down... and yes.. I am using a specific example.. 4 miles from my home.. that's exactly what's going on.. and they still have their cable TV... but the cops still cruise by.. can't wait...

When I was a kid.. I lived on government cheese and such.. but my mom always had a bottle of cheap vodka and smokes in the house.. my mom used to sell her food stamps to friends and family for .50 on the dollar. I am not kidding... that's how it was... I don't want to fund that at all.
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