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I just don't like them and consider them dangerous around humans! Especially considering how many venomous snakes thier are! The only way Humans need to be around snakes is if
A-Their an expert or
B-Your killing them in a way that has minimum risk.
C-If you have no choice!
Can't we say the same thing about dogs? More people are attacked and bitten by dogs than by snakes. Should we go out and start killing all dogs now because they bite and can harm humans?

I'm not an expert on snakes, but I have and will handle them if the opportunity arises.

Why kill them? Snakes keep rodents and vermin in check. Ignorance is a terrible excuse to mindlessly endorse the killing of a creature. I'm not calling you ignorant, just saying a general ignorance of a species statement.

There aren't that many species of venomous snakes in North America. Many more species of non-venomous snakes.

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