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Yeah, the Brown Tree Snakes from Guam are a real problem. Can't let them into Hawaii because they will decimate the native birds and animals there.

I've caught rattlesnakes and copperheads but never have killed them. I release them back into the wild away from the beaten path. I even changed the mind of a co-worker who would kill them until he got to know me and realized they aren't evil as people make them out to be.

A friend of mine and I went down to a quarry lake by our river and found 2 guys that had just killed an Eastern King Snake. They were so proud until we told them that they kept the copperheads at bay. I never understand why people kill snakes.

Why do you despise them?

I just don't like them and consider them dangerous around humans! Especially considering how many venomous snakes thier are! The only way Humans need to be around snakes is if
A-Their an expert or
B-Your killing them in a way that has minimum risk.
C-If you have no choice!
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