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Christian in name only...and here in this case we have a WHITE European nation where Muslims stand out easily. Its safe to assume these were Muslims who committed the rapes. It is not safe to assume every white European is Christian...not anymore.

It is for the men to take them as wives. As the Lord commanded. They needed wives! And the women needed husbands. Don't sit here in 2011 and judge their actions. Mores were far different back then and our modern "logic" doesn't always apply.

Again, what's wrong with that? God didn't say RAPE THE GIRLS. He said take them for yourselves - in other words - marry them. Again, times were faaaaar different back then. We cannot sit here and judge them.

Wrong. Husbands and wives submit to each other!

Ephesians 5:21 "Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God" - please, if you will, interpret this verse Buzzard.
I'll try to interpret that later, but it still uses fear to subjugate them imo. I'll have to read the whole bit to get the proper context first.

My point was that women are treated as less than equals to men in the bible according to many passages that I have read.

Taking someone against their will is not right, no matter what day and age you are in imo.
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