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Well, if it's a pet then clearly i've formed an emotional tie to it, so No, I wouldn't be gung-ho for it. If it were a dangerous wild dog that could harm me or my family, then no, I wouldn't be upset to see it killed.

I'm sure that if the snake being killed was Chuck boa, then the reaction would be very different. Instead, it was a snake which could have easily bitten a child in the underbrush.

It's disingenuous, Buzz, to try & compare wild to tame.

As for dog fighting, I'm against it, but that's mainly a cultural thing. By that I mean that I've never really examined my motivations for that position, it's just something that I've been raised to think. If you were to push me to make a case off the top of my head, I would probably reference Genesis & God's call for us to be stewards of the earth. There's no need for dogs to fight, so to force them to do so would irresponsible.

Like I said, I haven't thought about it, & that's just a knee-jerk reaction.
I actually gained some respect for you here VCU, in part because you chose to engage in a respectful manner. I shall afford that to you too.

I used to breed and raise rat snakes. They are generally timid creatures who strike only when provoked. I think it is sick to gleefully relish in the torment and death of a creature for entertainment value, which this falls under.

Are you saying that the value of a life and whether it should be tormented and intentionally killed resolves on if it is a wild or tame creature? Dog fighting dogs are wild creatures. Bulls that get tortured for entertainment value in bullfights are wild creatures, even though they have been domesticated imo. Is this good stewardship? Is trophy hunting for nothing other than sport good stewardship?

I don't think my question was disingenuous, but I'm game to have an amicable disagreement.

I'm truly interested in your answers, and not to get you in a "gotcha" moment.

I personally think that the torment, torture and killing of an animal for entertainment purposes is appalling and repulsive. Though I refuse to watch, I root for the bulls.
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