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Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
I'm a person who values life, even the life of a snake. I'm not a sadistic bstard like (EDIT: some /edit) others on here.

How about if someone filmed a video of an animal attacking, killing and gutting your dog, or say the pet of your young daughter if you had one, would you be as gung-ho for that? After all, it's only a dog.

Edit: Do you approve of dog fighting? If not, why not?
No, I don't approve of dog fighting and I definitely don't approve of people who want to see videos of children getting attacked by animals posted on Youtube.

The dog was attacking the snake, thus he was simply doing what comes naturally for a dog. The 9-year-old boy was laughing about it, so he was simply doing what comes naturally for a 9-year-old boy. I see no reason for you to wish harm upon the boy for that.

If the child was ripping the snake apart with his bare hands, then I would understand your point about another Jeffrey Daumer in the making. Because it's well understood that cruelty to animals is simply the first step towards cruelty to human beings. That's not to say that all kids who abuse animals are going to turn into serial killers, but it's a fact that all known serial killers started with animals before moving on to people.
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