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Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
I'm a person who values life, even the life of a snake. I'm not a sadistic bstard like (EDIT: some /edit) others on here.

How about if someone filmed a video of an animal attacking, killing and gutting your dog, or say the pet of your young daughter if you had one, would you be as gung-ho for that? After all, it's only a dog.

Edit: Do you approve of dog fighting? If not, why not?
Well, if it's a pet then clearly i've formed an emotional tie to it, so No, I wouldn't be gung-ho for it. If it were a dangerous wild dog that could harm me or my family, then no, I wouldn't be upset to see it killed.

I'm sure that if the snake being killed was Chuck boa, then the reaction would be very different. Instead, it was a snake which could have easily bitten a child in the underbrush.

It's disingenuous, Buzz, to try & compare wild to tame.

As for dog fighting, I'm against it, but that's mainly a cultural thing. By that I mean that I've never really examined my motivations for that position, it's just something that I've been raised to think. If you were to push me to make a case off the top of my head, I would probably reference Genesis & God's call for us to be stewards of the earth. There's no need for dogs to fight, so to force them to do so would irresponsible.

Like I said, I haven't thought about it, & that's just a knee-jerk reaction.
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