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Perfect timing! Got to my table at the bar just in time for the next fight: Guillard vs. Roller

Shane's hands are surprisingly low considering he's facing such a dynamic striker. Melvin's being really aggressive in both his. Attacks & his counters. Shane gets a thumb/finger to thefts, but is able to continue. Me
Vin begins swarming in. Shane tries to clinchforatakedown, but Guillard shrugs it off. they exchange some more & Melvin catches Shane, triggering an auto- shot. Melvin sprawls, comes back up, peppers Roller with more punches & knees, dropping him again. Melvin comes around the guard of Shane & lands one big punch to put him out.

Btw, I heard Goldie refer to Melvin as the "Silent Assassin" , & I just busted out laughing. I mean, there's not a more incongruous nickname. If you call yourself the "Picaso of MMA" with a straight face, I don't think you're the to be called "Silent" anything!!!
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