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Originally Posted by flo View Post
That was the second time the refs broke it up when I didn't think they should.

You think they are responding more to the crowd's eejit boos? Why else would they do it??
I think that's exactly why. They wanna force exciting fights so that the fans like them. News flash: THE ONLY TIME WE KNOW YOUR NAME IS WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING STUPID LIKE BREAK UP A FIGHT WHEN A FIGHT IS IN A DOMINANT POSITION LOOKING FOR THE FINISH!!!!


Sotiropoulos vs. Dos Anjos

Soto is pressuring early. Neither are really landing too much, but they're swinging. BANG, JUST LIKE THAT RAFAEL DRILLS HIM & HE'S DONE! FIGHT OVER!!!!

Man, Yves comes from all the way across the cage to tackle Dos Anjos & save George from unnecessary punishment. Great counter-point to the crap that Mario just pulled.
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