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They engage & clinch, Brian pushing Tak against the fence. They trade knees & Tak is able to turn him & trade places. Brian fights out & they break. Brian shoots a power double, Tak comes back up, but as he does, Brian jumps straight to the back, getting both hooks in & over/under control. Miz is stand with a Bowles backpack against the fence. More than 2min to work. Brian is trying to work his hands up for a choke, but Miz is doing a great job of defending with wrist control. DUMBASS REF JUST THREATENED TO BREAK THEM UP!!!! Shocker, it's Mario Yamazaki. What a flipping moron, Brian was in a CLEARLY dominant position & trying to get his hands free for the choke & Mario made them separate!!!! Brian is shaking out his hand & backing away, not wanting to engage & further injure it. Tak knows he's losing the round & is pressuring forwards.

Brian SHOULD get the decision, 29-28, but with that crap by Mario, the moron refs may not know any better & give the 3rd to Tak.

Thank goodness, they don't.
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