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Hougland/Walker first. Some early kicks from Hougland, but a Superman punch from Donnny gives Jeff a chance to land a takedown underneath. Walker has a very active guard, lands a few punches from bottom & eventually kicks Hougland away. Jeff rushes back in & grabs a guillotine as Donny tries to get up, but Walker defends it well & ends up on top. Hougland's a BJJ brown belt & starts submission hunting quick. Towards the end of the round, he's able to reverse Walker, but Donny quickly starts looking for a leg as time expires. I'd give it to Hougland 10-9

Rnd 2 & Jason Dent (in Donny's corner) encourages his fighter by reminding him that Jeff had never yet been out of the first round while Donny gets stronger as the fight goes on. As the round starts, Hougland is throwing a lot of kicks while Walker is hunting for power shots. Hougland shoots for a takedown, but Walker is able to defend it. Jeff is doing a great job of frustrating Walker's strikes by circling off well after each strike & opens a cut under Donny's eye. An inadvertent low blow causes a quick pause, but they restart quickly. Hougland lands a big left hand that rocks Walker. He drops in for another guillotine & locks it in real tight, torquing on it HARD, but the bell saves Donny. 10-9 to Jeff again.

Rnd 3. In the corner, Jason Dent tells him he's done down 2 rounds & at the least he needs an exciting fight or else finish him. Hougland presses him against the fence, but Donny turns him & lands a nice knee to the body & Hougland shoots a weak shot. Walker sprawls out & Hougland ends up sitting through to his guard, immediately looking for an armbar, but Walker slams his way out. Mario stands them up. After a good right hand hits him, Hougland shoots in again, Walker sprawls, but Hougland works to half-guard, then deep half-guard, reversing to the top & finishing on top.

I give it to Jeff Hougland, 29-28. Judges agree.
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