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Originally Posted by lyndsey823 View Post
You guys can't even accept food from them? That's like the number one way they get you to like them lol. I looked up our policies and there is a rule because it can create a conflict of interest. And his company has a strict policy on it. Figures I meet a nice guy and there's rules!!! Lol. Well I guess it's for the best, don't think I could trust a traveling salesman!!! Lol. He's bringing me lunch at work this weekend, maybe I should just cut off contact. Miss ya Amy!!!
My first year here we could have lunch provided as long as it didn't go over a certain dollar amount per person. Now, we get nothing. We aren't even supposed to accept the m&ms that the physical therapy group likes to send. It's stupid. We would refer to them whether or not we got m&ms.

I miss you too, girlie! One day, when I'm rich , I'll fly a group of us somewhere totally awesome and you are at the very top of that list! We'll stay up all night together pretending that insomnia is awesome!


My son made this for me:
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