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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post

On multiple occasions, White claimed that Sonnen had "paid his dues," and vehemently disagreed with him being suspended until today's date. All of that despite the fact that it still ended up being a shorter suspension than the year he was slapped with for testing positive for elevated levels following his UFC 117 loss to Anderson Silva.

With what came out with Marquardt this week, that may be a more difficult prospect than it was beforehand, and if Sonnen can't get approval for his testosterone use, as Marquardt failed to do in New Jersey and failed to cycle to in Pennsylvania, he deserves the same fate Marquardt has received.

The major difference in their situations is the fact that Marquardt cost the UFC money and ratings with his failures. Getting taken out of the event a day before had the UFC scrambling, forced them to put a new fight into the main event, and ultimately the show he was supposed to headline was beaten in the ratings by Spike TV as the UFC is in the middle of contract negotiations.

All of that makes White's disdain for what happened with Marquardt reasonable, but now he's set a precedent that will need to be followed or it will be seen as blatant hypocrisy.
Chael has paid more money and has been punished equally as bad as Nate. So to say that he still needs to get fired is just stupid!

The Athletic commission basically fired Chael for over a year from the UFC so what else do you want?

He served his punishment and more. They declared him guilty he paid his dues and he should be able to fight now. Even if you don't like him.
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