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We need belts. We need BETTER judges. It's stupid and messed up to say that someone like Junior doesn't deserve a win after beating the crap out of Shane. Fighter's can't just automatically pull a switch in their head and say ok now I'm going to finish this guy. This isn't a video game, these guys are humans and sometimes the finish will come and sometimes it won't. If you think it is just that easy then you have probably never trained a day in your life. Not to mention BJ didn't three of his last four fights so it goes both ways.

Stalling is a totally different story and it sucks. Stalling is when it is obvious that they are not trying their best and THOSE decisions are terrible. The real problem isn't just when a guy goes to a decision, it's the fact that you know they weren't doing their best that is bothersome. Even in wrestling you get penalized for stalling (and I am only using the word even because people like to blame wrestlers even on here despite whose website this belongs to) so I don't see why fighters shouldn't get penalized for it in mma. Also Frankie fight's great fights whether you want to believe that or not. The fans who agree that he should have those fights not count as wins should be forced to fight him themselves.

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