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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
well, since people should not be held accountable to what a certain groups religion says about it, it should be okay since it is between consenting adults ... you can think it is immoral because you have been taught that ... these people are going on their feelings and not hurting anyway in the process ... pedophiles may be born that way, but they are still hurting someone when they act on their feelings .. murderers too, obviously ... since no one is being hurt, should they have to live their lives differently because what your or my religion says is right?
But that's where I disagree since I do believe in GOD and what He says is right and wrong, I do believe they are hurting others with their actions in trying to get/force society to agree with what they believe. I agree with Nate that they don't "just" want to be left alone to live their lives. If it was just a matter of them having to live with their choices and the consequences that would be one thing, but that's not what has happened or is happening. What about HIV/AIDS...has that not "hurt" our wasn't some self-contained thing that stayed within the homosexual community, a consequence for some, for their choices; it became a consequence for others who had nothing to do with the gay lifestyle. What about public schools that are bringing in books teaching our kids that being gay is just a different lifestyle choice, but that it's perfectly normal, going against what other parents are trying to teach their own children about what GOD says is right and wrong. Not to mention our tax dollars paying for it! So yes, I do believe harm is being done.

If people don't want me pushing my beliefs on them, that's fine, but, likewise, don't turn around and be a hypocrite by trying to force others to agree to something that they think is wrong and then calling them names like homophobe when they don't.

Nate said it better/best.

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