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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
To sum up the facts:
1. Marriage is not a right guaranteed by the Constitution, thus denying people the "right" to marry is not denying them any of their constitutional rights.
2. The government should not be involved in marriage at all, it should remain a purely religious institution.
3. The federal and state governments have no right to act outside of the will of the people. This country was founded upon the concept of government "of the people, by the people and for the people."
4. Nobody is born gay, there is no reliable scientific evidence to support the idea that homosexuality is a genetic trait passed on from generation to generation.
1) Somehow that suprises me...because I think that Marriage in the Legal term (the law bound contract and all it entails under law) is something that IS accepted as a Right in England. Hence...why Gays have been able to have civil ceremonies ever since it became legal to be gay (it used to be illegal, and they used to round them up, lock them up, and try and cure them with electric shocks to the brain... )

2) From the view of your founders, its not Necc because its generally assumed as all the Government will be Religious, they would understand its significance, and thereby, not need to interfere. I dont think your Founders took into consideration the profound effect of Secularism.

3) Your Founders Kinda stole that phrase actually, from the Romans. In its original form that phrase was summed up by the Motto in my Avatar...but its true, that if your states make changes like that, surely there should be a referendum first.

4) We dont know if people are born gay or not. We can probably be reasonably sure its not a wholly Genetic trait. There may well be dispositional genetics...but there is definately nurture involved also. Regardless...You cant have gay sex by accident can you?? Just coz you feel like doing something doesnt mean you are forced to do it. I wanted to bundle a senior manager into the compactor today...Had I done it...I dont think the courts would have let me off coz I told them I just felt like I really had too...ahahaha
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