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Well, GOD says it's not okay, so no one has the right to contradict that. Even if all the religions of the world and every human being accepted homosexuality as normal, it wouldn't make a difference. GOD would still consider it a sin, so it would still be wrong. Also these "consenting adults" are hurting someone - they are hurting themselves. Maybe not physically (although there is physical pain and tissue damage done during homosexual male relations), but mentally and spiritually.

Personally, I don't care what two "consenting adults" do in the privacy of their own homes. I just wish the homosexuals would keep their sexual activities limited to the privacy of their homes. Instead, they seek to corrupt the minds of children and rub their sexual orientation in everyone's face. They are the ones trying to force their views upon everyone else, Christians are just the last group of people with the courage to stand against it.
Lets start straight couple gatherings and celebrate straightness. I bet that would get us arrested. I wouldnt do that because it would be antagonistic but you get my point.

I cant say anything more than what Nate has. Just wanted to chime in and let u know that you are doing a good job brother, and on this issue, I let you speak for me. Well thought out points and not any room for the other side to hold any weight. keep up the good work.
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