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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
what about "religions" that say it is ok to have more than one wife?
They simply use what is called serial monogamy rather than cry about it to a gov that can care less. Many Mormons still practice their polygamy just minus the legal documentation. They believe they are married in the eyes of their god and do not care if it is recognized by the civil government.

@brad- feelings are not evidence. If they were you could justify homicide and other crimes. If it was proven by science then there would be no discussion. Also as someone else said this is more of a tantrum than a civil rights issue. As I said in my blog they can get all the same rights but taxation with some simple paperwork. SO there is no civil right to claim lost. They need it to be about them being born that way so they can justify claiming it is a civil rights issue. There is no dispute blacks are born that way. If they were smarter they would make it more about religion because religion is a choice that is federally protected. But since they are more worried about civil rights revisited they will never see the tree from the forest.
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