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Originally Posted by Neezar
Most? What are you talking about? Are they tested for the chemical imbalances? Or are the tests so expensive that they just give them meds that might correct imbalances and if it works then assume that was the problem? Are there people with the same chemical imbalances that don't have mental issues?
No, as I understand it, too much or too little seratonin creates the illness, and then the illness is reinforced, the extra seratonin, or the too little seratonin, or the speed at which the chemical is released or absorbed becomes a permanent shift. Whilst the body is adjusting there is control over it, but that control soon goes as the shift in production becomes the new homeostatic norm.

The way they did it with me was, they had no knowledge what was causing the symptoms, but they did no I was only depressed because of the symptoms at that time. Thats reactive depression. They discovered I was depressed when they got me to do an extremely long and sensative survay the results told them what I was.

Now I was issued with Sertraline for a particular reason. Until they knew that the symptoms were the production of either an injury or a primary illness, they assumed, based on the tests thus far, that the symptoms were psycho-somatic...thus I needed to be relaxed. Sertraline is an anti-anxiety drug as well, it killed two birds with one stone. Later they had me seen a Neurologist, and have an MRI scan to proove there was no injury...thats when the primary illness was diagnosed as an anxiety disorder.

I didnt want to go see the Doctor. I was registered with a doctor in Harrogate but living in London. She was sorting out a date for my MRI, meanwhile I was only on anti-nausea tablets because I had trouble eating and felt sick and dizzy all the time. When the symptoms came back, I was in a quandary because I wanted to stay with my doctor up north so that I could have my MRI...if I changed Doctors I'd have to re-arrange the whole procedure and i'd go back to the loooooonnnnnnng que waiting for MRI (I mean MONTHS!) The Second Onset was October 1st 2003....I didnt go to the doctors and get put on meds until December 5th....but the worst time was December 10th-January 12th....MY GOD the side effects of Sertraline are NASTY, REALLY NASTY! So bad, I even had a spell of confusion over christmas, and their are days in my memory that are kinda missing in retrospect.

I hasten to add that I NEVER had a single day off sick, or missed a single lecture at University whilst I was depressed...I am NOT advocating people have time off work or study....plenty of people use depression as an excuse to have months off work in England....I never had a single day
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