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There has been no reliable scientific evidence to support the theory that homosexuality is a genetic trait. I took psychology in college and there was no way to prove it back then, in 2003, and there is still no way to prove it now.

Scientists have been trying to find a biological explanation for homosexuality for decades now, so if a true genetic link had been discovered, then you can rest assured that it would make headline news across the country. That discovery alone would make it nearly impossible to deny gays the right to marry and, with Hollywood and the media so unabashedly supportive of the Gay Rights movement, it would become their rallying cry.

Homosexuality itself is likely nothing more than a mental illness. It was listed as such in medical books until 1973 and was only removed for purely political reasons. So they don't choose to be attracted to the same sex any more than a schizophrenic chooses to be schizophrenic. However, pursuing the homosexual lifestyle is most definitely a choice.

Now, I can already hear you say, "if the attraction is not a choice, then why deny them the right to pursue that attraction?" Well, that's working under the assumption that happiness and true purpose in life can only be found by following our physical desires and that our identity is defined by the act of sexual intercourse. The Bible makes it very clear that that is not the case.
Good point--also, using that logic, who's next? Pedophiles? After all, they can't help that they're attracted to children, right?
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