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Chris F
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As Nate Said there is no evidence it is anything more than a choice. There is nothing in the human genome to make a person gay or not. And we have mapped the entire human genome. Up until the late 80's homosexuality was a mental disorder. Then very good and well funded lobbying got it changed.

Thank you everyone who read it even if you do not agree. Buzzard in the realm of logic you really need to cite some proof sir. By all means if my comments soiled you than you live in a fantasy land of revisionist history. The fact is marriage was religious. DYK marriage licensed were kept by the Mormons for many many years before the gov got involved? If oyu ever try to do geneology you will discover this fact.

Kentuckyredbone- I think you are right they did not even give them the right to vote on it however if the people really did not want it than next election you will see a lot of new Senators and state house members.
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