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So Police Officers should be video taped huh? Soooo how would you like it if you were video taped at your job? cause anyone here who says they do nothing but work while at their job, and never make a mistake, or screw up is full of B.S. Now, imagine you were in a job dealing with the public, and 10% of them just want you to screw up to video tape you and make you look stupid, and possible go after a law so good huh?

Put yourselves in their shoes.

I am unable to watch the video, but some of you guys are plain crazy with your responses.

Flo - you said "In the meantime, the police have enough on their hands - they're outgunned and outmanned by the baddies and never know just *who* they are pulling over. "

Exactly, there are more guns and criminals on the streets then there are cops. Do they make mistakes? yep - they're human! Their job is to keep everyone as safe as they can...think you can do a better job? apply to your local Academy and good luck.
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