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Oh, but their job is soooo difficult and they are under soooo much stress, so we need to cut them some slack.

Seriously, if they can't handle the stress of the job, then maybe they have no business being police officers.
Interesting point! You know I really don't mean to be disrespectful about Law Enforcement or thier job but I do think they must be held to a standard of behavior. That is not the only stressful high risk job in the world! People in other jobs are usually expected to be able to handle the stress of thier job or find a new one. For example, I ain't planning on getting a job that requires me to personally handle venomous snakes. Why? I doubt I could handle that kind of job! My tendency would be to shoot every snake I saw! Just like somebody has no bussiness running a cash register if thier gonna steal the money or cheat the customers!
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