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One night I was walking to my car from my buddies house when an unmarked cop car pulled up and 2 officers in street clothes bum rushed me. At the time I didn't know who they were or why they came after me. All I knew was I needed to stand my ground cause I actually feared for my life. It wasn't until after I side stepped and threw the one cop and punched the other one before they tackled me and proceeded to tell me they were cops. They handcuffed me and thats when they showed their badges which was under their shirts.

They told me they wanted to search my car, so I told them to F off, threatened me with jail and I told them to call the squad car. So they took me down to the station, put me in a holding cell, questioned me for awhile and finally let me go in the A.M.

Sadly I know what this guy was probably thinking the moment this guy got out and drew his gun.
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