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Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
I don't know if a god exists. If by chance one does, I highly doubt it is anything like what is portrayed in any of the religions.

The words "under god' themselves don't cause harm, nor do they unite the entire country. Take out "under god" and all are included, as was the original intent. If the author wished "under god" to be in the final draft, it would have been there.

What harm was caused by the omission besides the false outrage?

They are just words, but words that imply that every person who lives in the U.S.A. live in a nation under God. A false implication at that.
I'm not outraged. I expect nothing less from a network like NBC; but they'll put the phrase back if the public outcry is big enough.

Similar to how Walmart began saying "Happy Holidays" during the Christmas season one year to keep from offending customers. When it turned out they were actually offending more customers, they changed back to "Merry Christmas" the next year. Was it because Walmart found GOD? No, they just didn't want to hurt their sales.
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