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Default Interviews with TUF 14 coaches Michael Bisping & Jason Miller

These vids are from MMA Mania.

Mayhem Part 1 -
Mayhem Part 2 -

Man, if nothing else, the coach interviews should be hysterical this season!!!

Bisping Part 1 -
Bisping Part 2 -

I'll be honest, I've decided to give Mike a clean slate going into this season. I want to give him a shot to redeem himself in my eyes instead of just pre-judging all of his interviews based on my current assumption that he's an ass.

I decided to do this because I used to hate Chris Leben until I went back & re-watch TUF 1 & saw all that he'd been put through on that show & heard more about his life's story. Now he's one of my favorite fighters.

I liked Mike during TUF 3, but soured on him about the time he got gifted the Hamill decision. I'm giving him a second chance. Let's see...

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