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Originally Posted by logrus View Post
Sounds close to what I do, minus the pasta, Usually its a complex carb an hour out, if it gets near training time I might eat a handful of blueberries or a banana if i feel my body is lacking, usually its not much, and it sustains me for a good 1-2hr workout.
Another one that I like is a protein shake with 1/2 (cut) - 3/4 (bulk) cup of berries (I prefer blueberries and/or cherries) with 1/2 (c) - 3/4 (b) of dry oats. 1.5 scoops of whey whether I'm cutting/bulking. But I have this 2 hours before my workout starts or else I have problems keeping it down. If I'm pushed for time, 30-60 min, I'll opt for the pasta/whey.
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