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Originally Posted by Tyburn
are you still on meds, or did you get off them...I'm still on mine
Still on medication. I have a major physical in two weeks at which point my doctor and I will discuss transitioning off.

My experience is that it may take both medication and other forms of help for a complete recovery.

I now know that I had a hereditary predisposition toward depression. My mother told me some family history before she passed. That set the stage.

A diagnosis of cancer pushed me over the edge. Well I am now considered officially cured from that disease but the memory lingers on.

There has been spiritual growth too, but that didn't really begin until I was more stable emotionally. I firmly believe that we were given modern medicine to help some of us move closer to Him. It's worked for me. One of these days I may post my personal testimony. It's been an interesting journey; I would characterize my self now as a charismatic Catholic.

So we have evangelicals, orthodox Anglicans like Tyburn, some like myself, also Calvinists and who knows what else. I believe we can learn from each other.

That said, I do believe that a lot of this contemporary self esteem movement is pure and utter you know what. A lot of these education programs are being run by totally unqualified people and have caused more harm than good. I believe the "self esteem" mantra is used so that people can avoid the more difficult search for what the true problem is in many cases.
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