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I've heard of this once. It was with a daycare. A new facility was built that had a re-enforced hall that would protect kids in the event of a tornado. The way the facility was built, all the classroom were off that one hall and the front and back doors (only exits) were at the ends. The doors all had a key code entry system. So it caused a problem with the final inspection because there was concern that in some emergency situations the fire or police might not be able to access the interior. But that wasn't people's homes! I got a note on my door from the police department with a list of areas were we weren't secure enough like an unlocked gate. I was slightly upset that police can just wonder my property at will.
Guess I need to research it but I was thinking that violates the 4th admentment! I think thats the one against unreasonable SEARCH and seizer!
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