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Default Lil D's Affliction tale: Nut cruncher, Rain, and Cold

Before I start my tale, I have to say this was a great night of fights. The undercards didn't disappoint, the KOs were brutal, and some of my favorite fighters didn't fail to impress.

Now onward to the story.

I am not much of a morning person, I don't mind getting up early if I have to, but I prefer to sleep in on the weekends. My Dad wanted us to be out of the house at 10, and I awakened at 8:50. And the fights started at 4. But everything went smoothly, and we were out on the road at 11. Luckily we left early because we hit some patches of rain that caused the traffic to slow down. Even with the rain we managed to get to Anahiem early and I could work on some hmk.

Now what I enjoy so much about getting to a venue early is seeing how skanky and sleezy some women are going to dress. Now mind you it was freakin cold and wet. It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for the wind. And I spied a chick that would have been a Kodak moment. She was wearing these bright blood red pants that were so tight, you could see what kind of underwear she was wearing. A black thong. That was oober nasty. Thankfully after that horrendous scene, I saw Chuck Zito, Big John, and Herb Dean.

After a few hours of waiting, 4 o' clock marked fight time and I was ready to get it on.

*Pics are coming*
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