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Condi could/would beat Obama

She can not only play the race card...but also...the Gender card

She's about as Right Wing as the US is likely to get and not turn into a dictatorship

She has experience in Government, she is well educated, well spoken, a Christian.

Someone oughta find her and make her go for it.

I grant you that even I would be frightened of the ramifications of her foreign policy if she gets into Administration as the Executive...BUT...She has strength...and thats what you need to from your Republican Candidate...he/shes going to have to be candid...and Dare I say it...patriotic, in order to sway people away from "talk" and into action.

Colin Powel would have made an outstanding President...but he was too nice and I think he got dumped after the before the start of the second term.

I hate to say it...but I feel only a woman is now capable of adding the dazzle...coz thats what they will have to do...out shine Barack Obama...its a Womans job...but...NOT for Sarah Palin...she was just a bit to...plebian
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