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Frustrated. Ben's mom's lawyer & my lawyer agreed that my first 2 week summer visitation would start this past Sunday (the 12th) at 6pm. They assured us that his mom had agreed. Based on her past behaviors, I sent her an email Friday asking if she was indeed going to let me get him Sunday at 6pm as the lawyers had said, as I did not wish to disturb her or to drive all the way up there if that was not what she was actually agreeing to. As usual, she never replied.

Sunday afternoon Kim & I drove the hour up to her apartment, and no one was home. Of course I knocked on the door just in case, but no one answered. We waited a good while, and tried to contact her in every way I could, with no response, so we finally just came back home. I honestly just do not get it. I could not treat someone like that at all. I know we had an affair, but we both repented of it (she says she did anyway), apologized, and moved on.

Oh well, I had to spend another day with my attorney drawing up additional contempt papers, having her served, scheduling an emergency hearing for my first summer visitation, and scheduling another hearing for her contempt charges (from last year and this year), as well as writing another large check to my attorney. Incidentally, should she be found guilty of contempt, I am going to ask for all these fees back. I just think all of this is totally ridiculous, immature, and avoidable. Two adults should be able to handle the logistics of child visitation. Rumor around town has it that her lawyer is considering dropping her because she is not following his advice on a consistent basis.

I take no pleasure in any of this, but I have to defend my right to see my son, or I won't get to see him. Court for the emergency visitation is Wednesday at 9am central, and court for the contempt charges against her is Monday at 9am. Please pray for this situation. I don't want to do or say anything wrong. I just want to see my little boy, that's all. The stress is taking a big toll on me physically. My wife is under a lot of stress as she watches what it is doing to me. Ben's mom needs prayer to understand what true forgiveness is and to walk in the freedom that comes with it. Most of all, Ben needs prayer that these things will not have a bad effect on him. This stuff needs to be addressed and taken care of for good
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