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3 weeks and 1 day of pain relief after a 2nd epidural and this morning i wake up in agony. I'm so disappointed! Next Tuesday I'll probably get a referral to a surgeon and I really don't want to take that road but I'm sick of the pain and not knowing when it might force me to put life on hold. No one every wants to face back surgery, especially not when your still in your 20s.
my husband had those epidural shots and the 1st set did nothing. the 2nd set helped very little. the 3rd set helped alot. i've heard that on a lot of people. maybe try another shot. much less painful than the surgery.

he had surgery when he was 25. it really helped him. however he would still have the episodes you are talking about once in a while. make sure and ask the dr if you will still have those episodes of hurting and stuck in bed once in a while. rich did even after surgery. are you hurting down your legs or just your back?

rich hurt his back again and this time we really are trying everything before having surgery. there are so many options available now.
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