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yeah, that's if she was pregnant to begin with,

i say she should have to prove she was pregnant and had a miscarriage or she is libeling him.

i bet she faked pregnancy either after they broke up or an attempt to keep from breaking up then they broke up and she told him she had an abortion to upset him...... now she says she miscarried versus saying she lied about being pregnant.... i hope he kept all his text messages....
I agree so much I said it a few posts ago. I know a few girls like that. Some girls are evil and say anything to hurt men. She probably threw this out there in desperation after my car won't start, i have a flat tire, etc. didn't work if she really had an abortion and wanted rid of the kid and didn't want to hurt the man she never would have told him. how did she think he was going to by the way i killed your unborn baby.
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