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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I dont think it means that in the way your implying

The spirit isnt carried around in cant be, coz when you die everything including your blood rots away

I think really its saying that the Blood carries the life force...and what its really talking about is the blood carrying the oxygen to the in essence, the life is really in the air...even as an unborn child...the blood is carrying oxygen syphoned off from the Mothers respiratory tract

So I wouldnt be bending that context, to try and assert the claim that the spirit doesnt enter the body until the blood is in circulation. Since we do not know when the spirit enters the body, but we do know that the spirit is not dependant on the body, we HAVE to assume that the Spirit is probably created BEFORE Fertilization, and we HAVE to assume as soon as we have life, we also have Spirit...that way we can rule out killing something that may or may not have a Spirit

Incidently, the Spirit is not trapped in the body of a living person...and yet I bet you if someone where to kill a man in the middle of an astral projection, he would be charged with cant claim he wasnt alive because he wasnt exactly home at the time
Just covering all the bases of my argument. That's not what I believe, but I have heard pro-abortionists use that to justify abortion within the first three weeks of the pregnancy. Jeremiah 1:5 makes it pretty clear that GOD has a plan for our lives even before we are conceived. So to end a pregnancy at any point after conception is a violation of GOD's Law.
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