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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post
ok. given that.. I can see the potential for the "indistinguishable" comment..

a single cell.. compared to a 4 month old inutero child.. I would say that is a big difference...

can you/would you agree that alot of people would not agree that life begins at conception? cause what we are looking at.. at that point.. is really little more than cell division..
Well, facts are rarely a matter of public opinion. It doesn't matter what people believe, from a purely genetic standpoint, life begins at conception.

When does the soul inhabit the body? We don't know. However, the Bible tells us that life is in the blood and the embryonic circulatory system doesn't begin to form until day 17 after conception. So an argument could be made that the embryo is not fully human until the beginning of its third week of development. However, the point still stands that the person's DNA is complete from the moment of conception. So, genetically, they are still human even if they haven't formed blood yet.
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