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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
, but i also don't like the idea of women being forced into do something they don't want to do ...
really?!?!?!? so should a man have to pay child support if he doesn't want to?? should he have the option of killing the baby within a certain amount of time after it is born? we've all seen the signs that say something like " john doe pay your child support" isn't that the same thing? should child support be banned under the same principles that a man doesn't dictate what a woman and her child can do?

and to be fair, the billboard never mentioned a name, it just said that the mother of his child killed it, maybe he wasn't talking about the lady who sued him, and the lady admitted to it knowing she was the one that killed his baby.... and actually it doesn't say she got an abortion, it says she decided to kill her/his child, that doesn't necessarily mean a doctor did it
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