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shouldn't the man also be responsible for finding out about his women first? what if the man doesn't like the fact that the lady smokes or drinks during pregnancy, should he be able to ensure she doesn't do either? what about eating junk food? i know it ain't the same, but you are still controlling what a person does ... i don't like the idea of abortion, but i also don't like the idea of women being forced into do something they don't want to do ...

Yes he should think better than to sleep with a woman who he 1.) is not married to and 2.) doesn't know well enough to know if their morals are similar. So lets say both fail to know the other well enough to have sex. (Which I think is marriage.) Then new life comes into place. Mom and dad didn't decide before they bumped if they wanted kids and here is this baby now on the way. Mom says I don't want a baby. Dad says I do. The right to life for the child should win. I would say the same thing about a father who didn't want to be on the hook for child support for a child he doesn't want that now tries to force an abortion on the woman.

As for someone having something forced on them they don't like, I'm pretty sure babies don't like the pain (proven) and possible fear they feel when being aborted.
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