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As a woman and mom I call bull. Carrying the baby doesn't make the child any more a part of the mom than it does the dad. The child was given life by equal parts. What gives the mother any more say so as the the value of the child's life? Because she has to carry him or her for 9 months? So the dad has to deal with his child being murdered because the mom doesn't want to be a parent? It is a selfish view that only 1 person is impacted by pregnancy - the woman. But 3 PEOPLE are involved. Mom dad and baby. "A man shouldn't be able to make a woman have a child", but a woman should be able to murder a baby the father desires to have? I know someone will surely bring up the arguement of men who want women to have babies to control them and to that I saw before you sleep with someone you better figure out what kind of person they are first. If you don't, you made your bed and screwed in it so deal with the fact that your actions just as much as the man's brought a new life into the relationship and don't see murder as a reasonable way to cut all ties with someone you wish you never banged to begin with.
shouldn't the man also be responsible for finding out about his women first? what if the man doesn't like the fact that the lady smokes or drinks during pregnancy, should he be able to ensure she doesn't do either? what about eating junk food? i know it ain't the same, but you are still controlling what a person does ... i don't like the idea of abortion, but i also don't like the idea of women being forced into do something they don't want to do ...
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