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Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
Appendix. Very unexpected (I guess with the appendix it always is). Took him to the doctor Thursday morning with what I thought was maybe a virus or food poisoning. a few lab test, an ultra sound, a CT and 12 hours later he was in surgery.
Not only is it very quick, its also very painful.

We were on holiday when I got appendicitis. It started the night after a big storm which gave our whole caravan park a black out next day I felt ill. my parents assumed I had sickness. That was continued tuesday, Wednessday...thursday...Thursday night we were driving near overstrand and she could see I was really sick then...Yes she claims that people with Appendicitis are in real pain and dont just say they feel unwell...but I have an extremely high painthreshold for physical I thought I'd just torn a muscle or something

Friday, Mother went shopping for shoes with my Sisters in cromer...whilst my Father took me to a local doctors. It took him about two mins to tell us to go to Norwich Hospital...and that night I went in to have it removed...the Doctor had to stop after making the incision (they use key hole now...but back then they litterally sliced your entire gut open ) he had to call in expert advise on how to procceed since the whole thing was so inflamed he wasnt sure what was what anymore

He said im lucky it hadnt blown on the Thursday...coz Ironically once the Appendix blows it feels better...but then of course all the poisen and stuff is in the body and people usually die if that happens

He also said due to its state I must have had a history with what they call "grumbling Appendicitis" where it flares up but isnt likely to pop...well...I couldnt tell you obviously wasnt grumbling loud enough to get my attention LMAO
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