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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I need to go back to the site and finish reading about those episodes I initially missed before giving my idea of who I think it is.

As to yours...?...wasn't it his car or rather one associated with his campaign where her body was found? If so, why would she leave her in a car that could be traced back to him and draw that negative attention to him and his campaign? Also, they're obviously having a "thing" going on the side together. I was thinking that it does have to do with someone connected to the political campaign, but on the other side. But if it is someone associated with the liberal politician, I would think it's that guy who wanted to run that damning story about the pregnant girl before he got the "okay" from his politician. Just my thoughts for now; I'll get back to this once I finish "backtracking".

The liberal politician is the thin dark haired guy, right? Otherwise, I've got everything backwards!
Good points. The car was submerged under a lake. It was never meant to be found. It wouldn't make sense if it was a planned murder, but if it was a crime of passion committed in anger (without planning) it could make sense. If that happened, submerging the car so it will never be found points to a person with a campaign connection.
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