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Grats, now can you tell me why my right calf muscles tightens up every time I run
Without seeing you or assessing you, it sure sounds like you probably have some ankle mobility issues such that you're "locked" into plantarflexion (toes pointed) quite a bit. This would cause a lot of tightness in those muscles. My suggestion would be some ankle mobility work to get some dorsiflexion ROM back.

Here is a great video with a couple of ankle mobility drills from my buddy, Bill Hartman. Bill is an awesome physical therapist and private strength coach/personal trainer in the Indianapolis area.

He provides an assessment and gives you some strategies for some soft tissue work as well. It may just be that you have a lot of fascial tension back there, too. Hence, it may not be completely muscular in nature. We have dense, fascial connective tissue all over the body and often it gets "bound" up and tight. Little "knots" or adhesions can also develop (trigger points) and this can create issues.

Hope that this helps!

And, none of this I learned through my certification - a certification is a piece of paper to get your foot in the door to actually become a trainer and help your liability risk. Truthfully, you have to go on your own to really get the education. Even a degree isn't that great because there's a bit of a disconnect between many academics and the practical world!
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