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After years of having the study materials in my possession and stressing over the exam, I finally sat for the NSCA-CPT exam last month and passed with flying colors. So, I'm now an official personal trainer.
I'm now pursuing the CSCS and USAW certifications. I'm actually going to Colorado Springs (US Olympic Training Center) next weekend to participate in the USAW Level 1 Sport Performance certification. I'm excited about that because Olympic Weightlifting is great for athletic development and it's also just damn fun to do.

I am hoping that I can get better at my clean technique. My snatch actually isn't too horrible. For some reason, I just can't figure out how to catch a clean well. I tend to do the "high school football player" technique - i.e. a reverse arm curl as opposed to getting under the bar and rotating the elbows properly.

Anyway, I'm hoping that after the workshop, I'll feel more comfortable with my technique on these lifts.

By the way, if anybody ever decides to pursue the USAW Level 1 cert - if you're near Colorado Springs, I'd definitely recommend taking the course when it's held there. For a mere extra hundred bucks more than it costs to attend a course at a different location across the USA, I get room & board for 3 nights and meals. That's a huge savings compared to paying for a hotel and food elsewhere.

Anybody interested in studying for the CSCS? That's the "gold standard" certification at the moment for working with athletes. However, the CSCCA is becoming an even greater "gold standard" in the college S & C realm because it requires an extensive internship/mentorship before you're even allowed to sit for their exam.

As for the CSCS, all that you need is a BS/BA degree and to be CPR certified to sit for the exam. Your degree can be in anything - it doesn't have to be in a health/fitness-related field. I need someone to keep me on track so I can go take this test soon. I'm dragging in terms of preparation. I have the book and I have several powerpoint notes that go along plus a couple of practice exams. Let me know if you're interested - with the technology today, we could coordinate some online study sessions!

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