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Originally Posted by Fred
LOL, you didn't like the thoughts I gave about depression. Well, I don't have personal experience with depression; but I have studied (not to degree level) about neurotranmission and some of the various DSM disorders (Major Depression, Cyclothymic Disorder, etc.) The bottom line is that in some people, serotonin, norepineprine, or acetylcholine can be out of balance because of bad diet, disease, or drug/alcohol abuse which damages neuronal membranes and thus, neurotransmission. In other people, they may have learned bad habits or ineffective coping skills which facilitate some negative thought patterns.

But, in almost every case, there is a basic loss of equilibrium, hope and focus. Completely deflated or frozen by anxiety. No goal-setting. No focus on activity outside of oneself. I've seen this in some family members. The focus on self is a huge part of the problem with depressives.

Regeneration is, by far, the best answer to that, and I've seen people get better because their prayer life improved and they got busy, working around other active, healthy people. Activity (including strenuous exercise) does a lot to increase neurotransmission, and working hard toward goals slowly repairs the neural pathways in the brain, as well. Staying off excessive booze and hard drugs is crucial, too. Fellowship, prayer, and service can take one a long way toward keeping up the activity level all week, and I've seen those things help depressed people tremendously.

Let's face it: Psychology and Psychiatry over the last 100 years has been a failure. They are a total bust. Few would argue that people, in general, are healthier or more mentally stable now than even a few decades ago. There used to be a time when you gave someone a pep-talk and a kick in the pants, and that's all it was expected to take to get them moving. Now, we have more labels for all the disorders, and more ways to "treat" them, but with abysmal results. Too many people have become comfortable carrying a label for life, instead of looking forward to the day when they are fully recovered. Christians need to do better than that.
Fred, you should read a Book called "Competant Christian Counseling" by Tim Clinton. He's a professor at my school and President of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). I'm looking into becoming a member here soon, as part of my degree program.

I'll be getting a masters in counseling hopefully in 6-7 years then I would love to pursue a PhD in it. That book was for my first counseling class and really changed my negative perspective on couseling as a whole, since I recovered without pathological means in 2007, I KNOW people def don't need to be drugged. It's bad enough when you are out of balance to be given crap by people who don't care (psyciatrists in this instance). Rather, I would love to work without drugging people whenever possible....

anyway, cool thread.
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