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DonnaMaria, is that last one the Nora Ephron book, I Feel Bad About My Neck? I LOVE her, do you like the book? I looked up The Five People...and that sounds good too. I wasn't crazy about Tuesdays With Maurie but this book you're reading sounds intriguing (and I just googled and read they made a movie about it...I have to get out more ).
Yep! I really botched the title of the book! Nora Ephron! Excellent book! I read it in one sitting! Have you read it?

And I didn't like Tuesdays with Maurie either but I really like The Five People You Meet in Heaven! Not anything like what I expected, but I adore it so far! Really really interesting! A very different "take" on heaven but one that is really interesting! AND it has a happy ending! I love books with happy endings!

The movie wasn't that great though! Just stick with the book!
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